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Welcome to an Apologetics Movement

We live in an age of Skepticism, Relativism, Postmodernism and Multiculturalism where Truth as category is denied or deemed as relative. The Age Old Question What is Truth? as asked by Pilate to Jesus still keep nagging in the minds of people.We come across plethora of options in terms of philosophies of life based either of religious / atheistic or Humanistic Ideologies and confusion abounds in terms of finding answers for life’s Ultimate Questions concerning ORIGIN, MEANING, MORALITY and DESTINY. In such an age of confusion and chaos how do find answers to life’s deepest realities and questions ?

Dr Ravi Zacharias says “We have right to believe anything but not everything we believe is right” We invite people to evaluate the answers by the God given capacity of reasoning and thinking and make decisions based on careful and critical investigation of various Philosophies’ and religions. Ultimately people should believe that is which Truth and align life accordingly. We as Satya Today Envisions to Provide the answers to the life’s Questions on the basis of the Life and Teachings of Lord Jesus Christ and teach and train Christians in the Areas of Apologetics / Philosophy / World Religions / Cults / ETC through our Websites / Resources / Trainings through seminars and Workshops. Etc.

Interview with Pankaj Parmar (Founder - Satya Today)


1) Develop a Resource Center Comprising Resources of Apologetics / Theology Etc.
2) Mobilize an apologetics movement to create awareness through personal motivation, website, church meetings, seminars, workshops and many other creative events
3) Develop Contextual, Regional and Rural Apologetics curriculum and trainings so as to meet the challenges of Indian mindset.
4) Develop networking with national and international likeminded people, Churches and organizations and jointly promote apologetics and conduct events leading in equipping and reaching out.
5) Conduct Evangelistic meetings, open forums, debates, talk shows, satsang, creative activities etc to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.


To Practice and Promote Evangelism undergirded with Apologetics and spread a wave of apologetics in India, raising an army of apologist to Defend and Confirm the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

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