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Do Muslims "believe" in Allah's Books?

Muslims often say, "We believe that God sent down Revelations in the hands of the Jews and Christians before the Qur'an. HOWEVER, they are now corrupted. "

In other words, Muslims believe that the Scriptures are the Inspired Word of God but they were corrupted by human hands over time. This is why Muslims today do not read the Bible as a religious duty (contrary to all their pillars and articles of Faith).

But the question we want to ask is this. What kind of belief is this? Belief by definition means accepting something as true. How can you possibly believe in something (which by definition makes it true) and then call it false?

Let me share an example. Suppose I see and expert swimmer swimming skillfully in the sea. And I'm standing at the shore, applauding and praising his talent. Now, do I believe that this guy is an expert swimmer? Yes I do, because I'm applauding him.

Now this guy calls me and says, "Come inside the water with me".

Im afraid, so I say I won't. He says "don't worry, I am here, I can swim and I'll let nothing happen to you". But I still don't go inside.

Now folks, do I still believe that this guy is an expert?. No, because if I did, I would step in, trusting in him, right?

So in the light of this short story, I ask you my Muslim brothers and sisters? Do you really believe in Allah's Books? (Sura 2:136). I say you don’t, because if you did, you would be reading and following them as your religious duty. 

Yes, we should read each other's text for the sake of knowledge and peace, but Muslims should read the Bible as their religious duty, otherwise they would contradict their own article of Faith which states "We believe (again, which means accepting something as true) in Allah's Books. ".

Think about it,
God Bless You.

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