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Can we believe oldest religion (Hinduism) as the Truest

Hinduism prides itself by claiming that it is an eternal religion (Sanatan Dharma) and relegates other religions as inferior by deeming them to be coming into existence just few thousand years ago. Being the oldest of all religions it claims to be the truest religion of the world. Very often while in communication with Hindus, they say “see our religion is the oldest, yours Christianity is just 2000 years ago” therefore the greatest of all world religions. In this article I want to analyse the Hindu criteria “oldest is greatest and truest ‘ to define truth of religion or very notion of Truth.

Hinduism asserts that “Ultimate truth is Eternal” or “truth is Sanatan”. If truth is eternal then it is not bound by time therefore it should not be measured in terms of calendar or time frame. If truth is eternal than temporal man cannot define or create or discover by his own efforts. If truth is eternal then it can be known only be revelation. If Truth is revealed and consequently discovered by humans a few thousand years ago, it does not mean that prior to that discovery of Truth, it did not existed, as truth is already being defined as Eternal. Let me give an example, Newton discovered “the law of gravitation just 200 (approx) years ago that does not mean the law of gravitation did not existed prior to that. Prior to the discover of earth is round most people believed “earth is flat” an older belief, should we then just accept that belief “earth is flat” as true just because it is older than the belief that “earth is round”. Many lies are oldest, therefore they do not become truest and greatest, just because they are oldest. The whole notion that Hinduism is true or false should not be measured in terms of Time Frame but by applying reasons and analyzing it whether the claims of Hinduism are logical, reasonable, corresponds with reality, and addresses humanity’s fundamental questions adequately. This is not applicable to only Hinduism but also to all other religions and belief system. The following three questions(taken from Ravi’s book – Is your church ready”) must me asked while analyzing any belief system or philosophy.

Is it Tenable – Can I defend what I believe in keeping with the laws of logic?
Is it Livable – If everyone gave himself or herself the prerogatives of my philosophy, could there be harmony in existence?

Is it Transferable – Do I have a right to make moral judgments in the matters of daily living?

Now considering Christianity as it is often argued that it just 2000 years old, let me remind that the Bible begins with the Creation of Space-Time-Matter Universe, not with the beginning of the religion called Christianity. Secondly Jesus is referred as the Creator of this universe. As creator of universe Jesus is Eternal God, 2nd person of Trinity who became man and came into the world 2000 years ago. Being Eternal God he also claimed to be THE TRUTH and therefore he is THE ETERNAL TRUTH (SANATAN SATYA) and vindicated his claims by fulfillment of prophecies, Sinless life, Virgin Birth, Vicarious Death and Victorious Resurrection.

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