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Can man corrupt God's Word?
Perhaps the most controversial issue when it comes to Muslim-Christian debate, is the topic of Biblical authenticity.

However, I do not want to repeat the arguments which appear time and again in our discussions such as contradictions, Manuscripts et cetera.

What I do want to do is to ask a question to my Muslim friends.This is, how can The Word of God be corrupted by humans?.

Let me give you an example.Authors write novels, for example, the Harry potter series.Is it possible for anyone to "corrupt" these books?.Can anyone possibly change the plot of the novel, or change the name of central character?

Firstly, no, we can not.This is because of copy right laws.If someone tries to do that, he would be caught and be penalized.

Secondly, even if someone is successful, remember we are talking about the word of man here.

But you, as Muslims are telling us that some people were actually successful in tampering with God's Word.Now tell me, that if is so difficult to corrupt man's word, due to laws, how is it possible to change God's Word?

Secondly, if people can change BOTH the Word of God and the word of man, what is the difference between the two?.As far as I can see it, you are bringing down the Word of God to the level of the word of man.For Christians, that is blaspheme.

So please think about these points and give effective replies.

God Bless You.

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