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Is pluralism the only way to God?

Recently, talking to a friend on the area of rise of religious fundamentalism, he insisted that the only way to bring harmony and unity is to focus on  92 %  similarities which exists among different religions and avoid 8 % dis-similarities. According to him all religions teach the same values of love, compassion, mercy, etc  hence we need to hold and practice these virtues so that there would be no discord and strife among people. Most people in today’s climate of Multi religious, Multi-cultural and Multi-ethnic society believe that the only way to live in harmony is to adopt a life style of pluralism and tolerance. They condemned those who hold the view of “there is only one way to God” .  I have to remind this  friend that the 92 % similarities which you think are in fact the other way around. In actuality there is 92 % of dissimilarity and they contradict each. It is like all religions are fundamentally different and superficially same. These fundamental are the Concept of God, Man, Salvation and Destiny. I reminded him that Buddhism  do not have any concept of God or at least it is non-theistic. Jainism too do not have concept of God, whereas other religions have and they too differ and contradict conceptually. The basic Christian belief that God is Trinity, Christ is God and he died on the cross is contradicted by Muslims who vehemently discard and critique these beliefs. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism hold reincarnation and Muslims, Christian and Judaism hold one life and resurrections. How can when we contradict so much be the same ?

Pluralism is as exclusive as Exclusivism. Pluralist insist that the ONLY way to reach God is to follow the different paths. There cannot be a single path to God. As different people have different tastes and personalities, so the different paths exists to suit their tastes and personalities. But what about this belief  or statement ? i.e. “ As different people have different tastes and personalities, so the different paths exists to suit their tastes and personalities” . Is this statement a matter of taste or matter of truth ? if it is matter of taste than no problem to bother but if it is a matter of truth than why it is posit as a truth meant to be embraced by all people? Nobody in fact is true pluralist. All people in effect believes his position to be the ONLY TRUE or ONLY WAY to God. That’s why when anybody claims to be having exclusive belief the one who is pluralist opposes the same. The pluralist excludes the Exclusivist. Dr. Ravi Zacharias rightly says Truth by definition is exclusive. Everything cannot be true. If everything is true, then nothing is false. If nothing is false then it would also be true to say everything is false. We cannot have it both ways. One should not be surprised at claims of exclusivity. The reality is that even those who deny truth’s exclusivity, in effect, exclude those who [affirm] it. The truth quickly emerges.

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