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Is this Quran?

By Justin Joseph

Islam and Christianity are two major spiritual beliefs in the world. In these 2 beliefs there are many similarities and dissimilarities. Quran does not agree with certain terms of Bible. The main message of Quran and Bible is also different. In Bible and Quran there are different views for salvation. Let us look which one is more reliable, reasonable, and logical with proper evidence. It is better to start from the very beginning.

In Bible, God is called YHWH, and in Quran God is usually called as “Allah” which means God itself. Muslims and Christians agree that God is creator of the entire universe. Bible and Quran agrees that God is righteous God (Quran 3:22, 108, Bible (Psalms 19:9)).And in Quran and in Bible we can see God punishes for sin. Quran says Allah is above all imperfections and so He is holy God. Bible also says that God is Holy (1 Peter 1:15). Muslims and Christians also agree that God is omniscient, omnipotent, infinite, eternal, true…

In Bible and in Quran we can see God created man from dust (Genesis 2:7, Quran 3:59) in Earth. Quran and Bible agree that God has breathed into Adam (Genesis 2:7, Quran 38:71). It also shows that man has soul. Then God put man in Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:8, Quran 2:35). But, Bible and Quran do not agree in the location of the garden.  Bible says Eden is in Earth itself (Genesis 2:8-14) but Quran says the garden was in paradise (Quran 7:19). In the both, one thing is sure that, Man has special relationship with God. In Bible (Roman 3:23) we can see when man did sin, they became come short of the Glory of God. So before the sin, man had Glory of God. And there must be a special relationship between man and God. In Quran we can see man was in paradise. Since man was in paradise, he must have a special relation with God. So both Quran and Bible agree that in the Garden of Eden, man had a special relationship with God.

MAN lost his relationship with God because of SIN. Bible and Quran agree that Man has lost their relationship with God because of sin. In Bible we can see man became come short of the glory of the God. And in Quran too, man became out of Eden because of sin.  It also directly shows that if man wants to come back to God (paradise) he should make solution for that SIN. Or in other words, salvation means come back to God as he was!

What is sin? What happens when we do sin? Sin is an act that violates moral rule or we can say sin is the anything against the will of God... When we do a sin, we are becoming worthy of getting punishment. We have to remind that when we do a sin at first, we are becoming worthy of two types of punishments!!I will say a simple example to make it clear. If I kill a person, I have to face the punishment from the government. I will be imprisoned for few years. After that I will be relieved from the punishment. But still I have to bear another punishment! That is, throughout my life I am a murderer, and I have to bear the curses for being murderer throughout my life. Whatever I do, I can’t remove the name “murderer” in my life.In the same way, when we do a sin first time, there is punishment for that particular sin and there is punishment for being a “sinner”.Let us have a look on “punishment for that particular sin”. Since God is righteous, he will punish all sins. But, since he is mercy too, he will forgive that sin when we come back to God (repent). Forgiveness means “stop being angry with”. So when we repent, God will stop his angry towards us. Christians and Muslims agree that in repentance there are many steps. 1) The sinner has to confess that he sinned 2) He should feel regret for doing sin. 3) He should leave that sin. 4) He should ask for forgiveness.This is what meant by repentance. If one repents in such a way, God will forgive the sin, and we will be saved from the punishment of God because of His angry. If one is not repenting, he has to face the punishment of God till he repents! (Even though we repent, there will be natural consequences of that sin. For example, if I smoke I am likely to get a cancer. It is not a punishment from the anger of God. But it is the consequence of my sin.) In Bible we can see many instances that God forgives the punishment of sin when the people repent (people of Nineveh in the book of Jonah). Muslims too believe Allah forgives those who repents. And he will not forgive those who will not repent.Let us discuss about the next punishment- “punishment because of a sinner”. We have seen that Allah forgives only when we repent. So can we ask for forgiveness for being a sinner?? We have seen repentance means one has to confess his sins, feel regret, and he should leave that sin. If he is not leaving that sin, it is not repentance. In this case, we cannot repent, because we cannot leave “being a sinner”.When we do a sin, we will become a sinner. And when we ask forgiveness, Allah forgives (stop being angry with) the sin. But it does not make us non sinner!! In other words, Allah/God cannot forgive our punishment of “being a sinner”.

How did we lose relation with God?
It is clear that man has lost his relationship with God. It is a punishment of sin. Because Adam was got out of the relationship with God (In terms of Quran, Adam got out of Paradise) as a punishment of sin. We have seen that there are two punishment of sin. Let us look which punishment is this (losing of the relation with God).Can it be punishment of that sin? In Quran we can read “Then learnt Adam from his Lord words of inspiration, and his Lord Turned towards him; for He is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful” (2:36) This verse shows that Allah forgave Adam. But we can’t see Allah put him back on the paradise... Why?? Why Adam didn’t get back his old relation with God when God forgave him? Its reason is that even though Allah forgave him, Adam is still a sinner… So Adam lost his relationship with God not because of the punishment of that sin. But it was the punishment of being a sinner.

Let us go back to the example of murderer. If I kill a person, in ma entire life I should bear the name “murderer”. People will see me as a murderer. And I will not get any relief from that. Imagine there is a place and in the entry it is written “MURDERERS ARE NOT ALLOWED”…  I can’t enter there even if I get a Nobel Prize for peace (after the murder).In the same way, we should bear the punishment of being a sinner. And whatever we do, it will not be considered! We have to bear the punishment. Bible says that everybody are sinners (Romans 3:23), and in Romans 6:23, we can see wages of sin is death.We know God is holy and a holy God cannot be in a good relationship with a sinner. Since we are sinners we cannot be in relation with God. Adam was in good relationship with God till he committed sin. After that, he lost the relationship with Holy God. Since we are also sinners, we too can’t enter in the heaven. We should experience the punishment- it is separation from God. In other words, we must go to hell! No works can save us because works don’t make us non-sinners. Repenting also doesn’t make us non-sinners. So we must go to hell… And the truth is here Islam fails.

Let us go back to the example again. If I kill a person, I must bear the name “murderer” throughout the life, and I can’t enter in a place where murderers can’t enter. If I have to enter, there is a last and final way! That is- a non murderer should take my crime. And that person has to go out of that place... If a non-murderer takes my crime and if he experiences the punishments for me, I will be freed… It is the only way for hopeIn the same way, in order to get free from the punishment of the sins, a non sinner has to experience punishments of sins. A non sinner has to experience the “hell” for us. If there isn’t such a punishment, we have to go to hell, because we are sinners. Since God is just, He must punish for this sin. He cannot forgive, because we cannot repent!!Who should bear this punishment? Can any man bear our punishment? No man can bear this. Because all man are sinners.  Only an infinite non sinner being can being can bear this punishment (Because, our sins are infinite).  Let us look words of apologist Josh McDowell “Jesus was the God-man. He was just as much man as if He had never been God and just as much God as if He had never been man. His humanity did not diminish His Deity, and His Deity did not overpower His humanity. By His own choice He lived a sinless life, wholly obeying the Father. The biblical declaration that "wages of sin is death" did not indict him. Because He was not only finite man but also infinite GOD, He had infinite capacity to take on Himself the sins of the world. When Jesus was executed on the cross more than two thousand years ago, God accepted his death as a substitute for ours. The just and righteous nature of God was satisfied. Justice was done; a penalty was paid. So at that point God's love nature was set free from the constrictions of justice, and He could accept us again and offer us what we had lost in Eden---that original relationship in which we could experience His love and glory”This concept of life is not foreign to Islam. It is the same principle behind their belief capital punishment; when a murder takes another’s life, he must forfeit his own as a penalty….SO, IN LIGHT OF PROOFS AND EVIDENCES, I MUST SAY THAT CHRISTIANITY(THE WAY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST) IS THE ONLY WAY  FOR THE SALVATION

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