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Lack of evidence?

Our Muslim friends often criticize the Christian Faith.They often bring up arguments to "prove" their claims.One common objection bought forth is that the Bible has been changed and many arguments are cited to substantiate the claim.In this post, I will demonstrate how, even with the number of arguments given, the Muslims still can not provide the basic sufficient evidence to prove their case.

For everything that has happened according to Muslim beliefs, we can answer a few basic questions such as what, how, who, when, where et cetera.

For example, let us take the creation of world :

i)Who created it?



Ans-Beginning of time and we can make estimates based on scientific knowledge (millions of years ago based on the evolution theory).


Ans-Because God is a Creator who wanted a world where His creation will live under His rule (and there can be other reasons as well)


Ans-By His Word, though He created Man from dust.

Another example can be given of the Revelation of the Qur'an:

i)Who Revealed it?



Ans-To guide Humanity, or because previous Books were corrupted


iii)Ans-610-623 A.D


Ans-Through the Angel Gabriel.


Ans-Mecca and Medina.

Now let us look at another Muslim belief, the corruption of the Bible:

Who corrupted it?


When was it corrupted?


Why was it corrupted?


Where was it corrupted?


How was it corrupted???


You see?!.We DO NOT have the answers to these questions?.Try it out yourself and you will find out that you can not find clear answers as in the case of the previous examples.

Let us assess some probable answers that can come forth.Who did it?.Well, since the Bible came through the Jews and Christians, so it is highly probable that whoever corrupted would be from among them.It is impossible for ALL of them to be involved in this.But even if we make that assumption, we will have two different Bibles, at least the Old Testament would be different between the Jews and Christians as one would have the true one.It is totally impossible for both groups to come together and change the Word of God such that no original work survives.This, combined with fact that both groups upheld the Scriptures in great esteem and held on to them in times of intense persecutions makes it impossible to answer this question with conviction.

Another question that can be answered would be "why it happened"?.Muslims can say, well, the Jews and Christians wanted to make things easier for them or they wanted to remove the fact that an Arab Prophet would come.But these arguments also hold no water.If we consider statements in the Bible like "Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you", "be PERFECT as your Heavenly Father is Perfect", "If you see your enemy's animal loose, take it to it's master" or "Do not despise the Egyptians" (Remember Egyptians were the ones who enslaved the Jews) and I can quote countless other examples which all diminish the claim that the Jews and Christians wanted to make their religion easy for them.Anyone who has read the Bible knows what I am talking about.

The 2nd possibility is based on an assumption that Islam is true, it's version of history is true (especially on the sacrificial son) and what it says about the Bible is true (that it talks about Mohammad).You can not answer a historical question based on assumptions.

So, we can see that there are no clear answers.What does this mean?.This means that even if 1.7 billion Muslims enter a courtroom and make a case for the corruption of the Bible, the case would be dismissed in two minutes in favor of the Bible because the answers to crucial questions such as when? and where? can not be adequately answered.

I know by now a Muslim reader would be thinking that he/she has the proof of the corruption of the Bible such as the contradictions or scientific errors (which BTW have been answered by Christian scholars).But please think about the point I have raised here.Can you adequately answer these questions?.I say you can not.If you come to this realization, we would enter into a new sphere of thinking.

God Bless You.

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