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The Reality and Consequences of Sin

Swami Vivekananda the famous Hindu philosopher who took stormed the world religions conference in Chicago in 1893 said “IT IS SIN TO CALL MAN A SINNER”. Talking to a Gujarati businessman about Biblical description of sinfulness of human being, he told me “what a funny idea”? Many people deny the reality of Sin. Some belief system like pantheism regards sin as an illusion while many regard it as merely human weakness. Sin is not taken seriously by the most people today. It seems to them a funny idea. On the other hand Christian have made a mistake by beginning the gospel from Genesis 3 where the entry of sin and resultant sinfulness of humanity is described rather than Genesis 1 where the uniqueness of human being is described who is made in the image of God. Why is it that an animal or any other creature is not referred as a sinner but only human beings are referred that way? The reason is humans are referred sinner not because of their smallness but because of their greatness. God is Moral and being made in the image of God, man too is moral therefore only he has the unique sense of “right and wrong”. No other creature has that. That’s why when a human being does something wrong he is plagued with a guilty conscience. Many due to guilt have done suicide. Have we ever heard any other creature doing suicide due to guilt ridden conscience? When a man steals something we call him burglar but if an animal steals something we don’t call them with such derogatory terms. We simply say that animal took away but not as a thief. This show that even experientially we assume this unique sense of right and wrong only among human being.

Looking at the state of world everyone would agree there is something wrong with the world. Every day when we open our newspaper the headlines are filled with crime and corruption. We see news of rape, murders, theft, scandals, etc. Many have given reason for this. some say the problem with humanity is biological and some say problem with humanity is metaphysical and try to answer the dilemma of humanity. Bible makes it very clear that the problem of man is Moral. God created man in his image, this man was endowed with freedom of choices and with that freedom he chose to disobey God and rebelled against Him. He broke his relationship with God and this breaking of relationship is termed as Sin. Every man born now in this world possesses the sinful nature. Even though all religions, parents, teachers and educators teach children to do good yet they do bad. There is a bent towards doing evil. Inspite of all these people like swami Vivekananda say “it is sin to call man a sinner”. How much havoc greed, hatred, jealousy, pride is doing in our world. Look at the corporate scandals which are being done by highly educated and rich people. In India recently Satyam computer C.E.O. was involved in nation’s largest corporate scandals. Satyam which means Truth was found to be engaged in Untruth. The man behind this was a highly educated person. It is not lack of knowledge and poverty which has driven them to these scandals but it is because of human greed. Human Sin has brought corruption in political system, educational system, bureaucratic system, social system, ecological system, biological system etc. Every system is infected due to human sin and hence all systems function inappropriately. There is no balance, order or equilibrium in the systems due to sin. Unless sin is dealt nothing is going to be changed and this is done only by Jesus on the cross of calvary when he took humanity’s sin upon himself and has offered forgiveness, reconciliation and healing.

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