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Why Study Apologetics? Part 2

Rajneesh, the famous Indian Guru use to keep a Notice board outside of his ashram mentioning "keep your shoes and minds outside of the room" Most Christian has adopted this stance while approaching to the issue of Evangelism and apologetics. Evangelism is seen as an activity of proclaiming the Gospel but it should be devoid of giving  reason and defense. Interestingly the God of bible says “Come let us reason together" but many Christians say "Come let us renounce reason together"

Apostle Paul say "if Christ is not risen, then our faith is useless". He makes it absolutely clear that the basis and reason for Christian faith is the historical event of resurrection of Christ. Let us remember Jesus rose in real objective, verifiable world of History not in a subjective, non-verifiable world of Christians. Our subjective belief in Jesus Christ must be  rooted in the objective historical reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Apologetics is all about giving reason or defense of the Christian faith. It is about loving God with all our heart, soul, strength and MIND. Most Christian avoids using God given Mind. Think about it if God uses testimony, message, miracles, word of God as a means to convince the unbeliever why he can’t use reason, evidence to convince unbeliever. The God who is the source and cause of testimony, miracles, message, and word of God is also the source and cause of mind and human reason. The God of bible is God of Reason as well as revelation. Being made in his image, reason is derived from him as he is "Ultimate Reason" in the words of C.S.Lewis.

Christians need to reflect in their proclamation of Gospel, this image of rationality of God in us. If there is no reason for your faith than what is difference between faith of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist etc as everyone have faith. If faith is criteria of Truth than all beliefs are true as all have faith in their beliefs. Remember Christian faith is reasonable faith. It is not faith in faith but faith in Truth who is Jesus. It is not like that we have faith in Jesus therefore Jesus is the Truth, actually it is other way around Jesus is Truth therefore we have faith in Him.   We need to defend and confirm this Truth of the Gospel like apostle Paul who refers his ministry as defending and confirming the Gospel.

Let us remember we are co-laborers with God in the work of Evangelism. The part of God is to convict,  convince and bring conversion in the life of a Person. The part of Man is to proclaim Gospel  and persuade the Person. Let me conclude Apologetics is not against evangelism but Apologetics is Evangelism where you proclaim and defend the Gospel.

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