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Why Study Apologetics? Part 3

Talking to a pastor about the importance of apologetics, he vehemently condemned the use of apologetics. He told we need to simply say to the people if they ask about what is truth?  The answer is truth is Jesus Christ. Well, I  have a bad news for the pastor, the world to whom we are communicating does not share our  definition of the truth. Without defining the truth explicitly, we implicitly proclaim Jesus as an absolute Truth (Truth which is same for all people, at all times and places) while the world has some different definition of truth. Let us remember before presenting the Gospel there are three barrier of Truth.

  1. Skepticism: Skeptics believe that “we must doubt everything”. The problem with this view is if we must doubt everything why should we not doubt that very statement. How can one be so certain about skepticism? This is a belief which self-destructs itself.

  2. Agnosticism: T.H. Huxley coined the word Agnosticism which means no : no knowledge”. Agnostics believe that “we cannot know anything about God or Truth”. Here again the statement is self-defeating. How come anybody KNOW that he cannot Know anything about the Truth? It is like claiming “I KNOW that I cannot know anything about Truth or God”

  3. Relativism: Many people say “That may be true for you but not true for me” Such belief is called Relativism. Relativism claims that that “All Truth is Relative”.   This is too a self-defeating statement. The statement which is offered is an absolute statement. If Truth is something ‘true for you and not true for me” my question is 1) should I consider that statement true   for him only or also true for me . If this belief or statement is true for me too than he is absolutizing relativism. In other words “Relativism is offered as an absolute truth” (Relativism is true for all people, at every place and at every time”

The above barriers prevail in our current cultural mood and have made a stronghold among people. Unless they are refuted and right definition of truth is established the claim of Jesus as an absolute truth is not going to make any sense. For that Christian need to study apologetics. We need to bring “every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ.”

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