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Why Study Apologetics? Part 4

Many people say that there is no need to learn apologetics. One has to simply share the gospel or simply give the bible. Let us not forget people’s interpretation depends according to one's worldview. When a pantheist is reading the gospel and comes across the Lord’s Prayer
This, then, is how you should pray:

“‘Our Father in heaven,    hallowed be your name,
According to pantheist Jesus is teaching here Dwaitism or dwaita philosophy   (Dualism”) 
When he comes to the verses "I am in father and father is in me"
According to pantheist Jesus is teaching here Vishisthadvaita (qualified non-dualism)
When he reads the verse "I and the father are one"
According to pantheist Jesus is teaching here Advaita (Non-dualism)
You see how one’s worldview determines one’s interpretation of the claims of Christ. Simply telling Gospel will not suffice in such context. One has to show the inconsistency of pantheistic worldview and establish and show the reasonability and plausibility of Theistic worldview.  Only in the theistic context one can rightly interpret the claims of Jesus. We need to understand the context in which the answer is given. Gospel is always proclaimed in the context and some of the terms which is being used by us is misunderstood or misinterpreted depending on the context. We need to understand while proclaiming the Gospel the people have presuppositions, worldview or frame of reference by which they interprets terms and realities. The simple Christian affirmation that God created the whole world, if proclaimed to Hindu, who adheres to cyclic view of time and creation and eternality of matter, understands and interprets the term “creation” in different sense. For Christian creation is ex-nihilo (out of nothing) while for hindus (depending upon whether he is monistic / theistic) creation is ex-materia (out of existing matter) or creation is ex-deo (out of the very being of God). Some monistic or pantheistic Hindus believe creation is illusion / unreal. Infact there is only one reality and that reality is BRAHMAN. There is  no difference between creation / creator.  So if this kind of context exist and when a Christian proclaims God created everything, he may be interpreting in different sense. So we need to clarify the terms and show the inconsistency of their worldview. This can be done by using apologetics. Bible commands us to do that (1 Pet 3:15-16). Every Christian is commanded to learn and practice apologetics. Let us all learn  together and raise an army of apologist in India.

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